Moto tours

Moto tours Estonia

In Estonia there are very many beautiful places to explore.
Bikemoto appreciates Estonian nature and active holiday. Pack your tent with you and take a ride to the lake or sea and enjoy adventures tour with your friends on a motorcycle! We have some inspiring ideas for your moto tours.
So come, rent a motorcycle and enjoy exploring beautiful Estonian nature!

Moto tours and motorcycle rent in Croatia

Croatia has become a world leading tourist destination. Exploring Croatia on the motorbike gives you huge advantages. Touring Croatia on the motorcycle gives you freedom and taste of the adventure. Ride a curvy coastal road, explore the islands on the motorcycle, and learn about Croatian tradition and history are perks of it. If you want to explore Croatia make sure you rent a bike or join a tour and learn everything Croatia has to offer.

Moto tours Europe

Moto tours in Europe, this is a memorable experience. There are endless possibilities to fulfilling a passion for adventure and excitement!
Spend your summer holiday on a motorcycle with friends exploring beautiful places in Europe. Riding with motorcycle you are more connected to your surroundings – you feel the sounds and vibrations, also smells. It is perfect time for you to spend some quality time with yourself and your friends.

Make your own moto tour

If you have plans and dreams, we recommend that you make them come true!
Bikemoto will help you plan your moto tour yourself, sharing advice and experience. Choose some interesting places that you want to explore and together we will plan an awesome holiday on a motorcycle!